• Can You Source Branded Goods From China

    China Wholesale: Can You Source Branded Goods From China?

    If you are considering starting an ecommerce business in dropshipping or other e-tail sales, you may be wondering about how it works to buy wholesale from China.

    If so, you”re on the right track!

    Sourcing China wholesale products is a fantastic, low cost way to start a profitable home business without breaking the bank.

    Can You Buy Branded Products Wholesale From China?

    As a general rule, the answer to that question is: No.

    Buying branded goods directly from China is not usually something that is an option for a reseller. Here are a couple of reasons why this is not really feasible in most cases:

    • The brands exercise control over their product supply chains
    • The brands exert control over sales of their products from the manufacturer to the sales outlet

    You may have heard that it’s sometimes possible to find different models available in different countries. But, the thing is that even though lower taxes might make a single product cheaper at retail prices in China or Hong Kong, this would not be a profitable business model for resellers in Western countries.

    What are the Benefits of Buying Non-Branded Goods Wholesale from China?

    You may be a bit discouraged to learn that it would be pointless to try and source branded goods from wholesale suppliers in China.

    Can You Source Branded Goods From China

    But, let’s look at the flip side to that coin! There are actually quite a few benefits in buying non-branded goods from China:

    • With no brands, you are at liberty to sell products under your own name. For instance, when you buy directly from China, you have the option of receiving custom labeling and packaging with your own name for orders of more than 500 pieces. Wow!
    • When you are sourcing products from China, you can get high quality products at rock bottom prices. Yet another bonus is that buying from a large wholesaler from China means that they are able to visit factories there and find you the very best, well-made products available anywhere!
    • The wheels of a larger brand company’s Research and Development division grind very slowly. This is in contrast to a smaller China manufacturer, who is able to get a new, innovative product out of the research, development and testing phase and into production much more quickly! This means that you might pioneer a hot new product that flies off your virtual shelves and becomes the Next Big Thing before any of your competitors.

    A Word of Caution!

    There are a lot of unscrupulous, fly-by-night companies on the internet advertising cheap prices of genuine branded goods wholesale from China.

    It is impossible to emphasize too strongly that you must be extremely wary of those outfits!

    There is a scam a minute with these deals and they can land you in big trouble. Besides being illegal, these so-called “authentic” branded products are almost always counterfeit, refurbished or grey market.

    Buying products wholesale from China is a wonderful way to start a lucrative business, but remember that your profits and reputation depend on your product source.

  • Product Sourcing For Amazon

    Product Sourcing For Amazon – How to Turn on Profits Like a Faucet

    Product sourcing for Amazon is a very effective strategy for making money in your eBay stores and auctions. Nevertheless, like any other business, it has its share of failures. If you ask any small business association throughout the world, they will tell you that 80% to 95% of businesses fail in their first year. Only 1% survive 5 years or more. Even if you use a low cost business strategy like getting your products from a wholesale dropship supply partner, doing the wrong things can still cause you to fail. Here are some key points you need to succeed.

    1. The wholesalers for Amazon sellers whom you work with must have a proven track record. They need to demonstrate that they understand the needs of Amazon sellers.

    • How does their program work?
    • What do they expect from you?
    • What can you expect from them?
    • How much will they pay you?
    • How will they pay you?
    • When will they pay you?

    2. Your wholesale dropship supply partner must have a proven track record for quick and accurate dropshipping.

    • What is their turnaround time to deliver a product to your customer?
    • What happens if your customer receives a damaged product?
    • What is their response if the product breaks down during the warranty period?
    • What delivery methods do they offer? Fed-Ex? UPS? US Post?

    Product Sourcing For Amazon

    3. You should sell what’s hot on Amazon today. You must find a product sourcing for eBay partner who can provide you with the best items to sell on Amazon. If this hot product is Britney Spears’ latest hit single, then find a good music CDs dropshipper.

    • What are the best items to sell on Amazon today?
    • Which are the best wholesalers for Amazon sellers for this product?
    • For seasonal products, is this a new model or was this model offered last year?

    4. You need to know how to sell your chosen products. If you do not have personal experience with the product, do some research online, or at the library. Ask your friends and family. Ask your product sourcing for Amazon partner. If you sell automatic cat litter boxes, ask for advice from your pet accessories dropshipper.

    • What are this product’s features and benefits?
    • Who are the target customers?
    • Who uses this product?
    • Who buys this product?
    • What are competing products or models?
    • How much is it sold elsewhere?
    • Where else is it available?
    • Who are your competitors?
    • How are your competitors selling this product?

    Using the sourcing products for Amazon strategy for your Amazon sales can be very rewarding. Once your business is up and running, you will be protected from the layoffs and downsizing that is part and parcel of working for somebody else. You will feel a great deal of personal satisfaction from successfully running your own business. You will finally have the power to change your lifestyle to spend more time with your friends and family.

  • How to Find Secret Amazon Wholesale Sources

    How to Find Secret Amazon Wholesale Sources

    It’s not a secret that finding secret Amazon wholesale sources could dramatically increase your profit margin when selling the products that they offer online. Buying products for 50% of their retail value but selling them on at full price is a great way to make money. And with virtually any product in any industry selling exceptionally well on Amazon it’s a tempting prospect for us all. The question is how do you go about finding these secret Amazon wholesale sources? If they are so secret then how can we know where they are?

    Finding wholesalers is not a difficult job. In fact, you may not have been aware of this but there are likely to be a lot of them within a few miles of your own location. Many individuals will jump straight onto the internet to start searching using generalised terms such as ‘best wholesalers’ or ‘Amazon wholesale suppliers’. This can be a way of finding wholesale sources to suit your needs, but the top results are likely to be in highly competitive markets. More likely it will simply take hours of time, and even quite a lot of money in buying supposed lists of great suppliers.

    How to Find Secret Amazon Wholesale Sources

    Another trap that new Amazon businessmen or women often fall into is immediately looking overseas for their wholesale goods. It’s true that you might be able to find some incredibly cheap products in China that you could sell on for a massive profit. Buying from overseas is a great way to make money if you can source a reliable product.

    An advantage of utilising these secret wholesale sources that are local to you is that you can build a face to face relationship with your supplier for Amazon sourcing. You can go to a physical location and see the products that you are buying before committing to purchase. It’s true; you won’t be able to source goods for as low a price as you might have had you gone overseas or to purely online wholesalers (though you’d be surprised what a little haggling and an offer to buy in bulk can achieve), but what better way to start out on your route to Amazon success?